Futuristic Thinking (FT)

See your future and leverage it – not get flattened by it.

Anticipate needs and satisfy them before others realize they have them.

See what needs to fit together to come together.

An Acumen Capacity assessment evaluates how your cognitive clarity and how well or not you understand others and yourself, your capacity for practical thinking and awareness of your multiple roles, your capacity for how systems work and your intelligibility regarding your own future direction.

Empathy (EM)

No one will believe in you - unless they first believe . . . you believe in them.

Grow your capacity to activate in others the recognition that you understand them and they are understood by you.

EQ and Acumen Capacity assessments evaluate your intensities of emotional intelligence clarity, and offer improvement suggestions.

Systemic Thinking (ST)

Activist leaders see how things have to fit together to come together.

Seeing the bigger picture is seeing what has to play out to bring your vision about.

Increase your capacity to recognize how things fit, are organized and work together to best bring about positive, profitable and purposeful change.

Activist Leader

Driving successful initiatives and exceeding revenue goals - alone - is no longer enough. 

Activist Leaders are called upon to inspire people, purpose, and profit alike. By expressing richer emotional intelligence, we create richer value.

Are you one of us?

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