For Leaders

ABout Jay»

Activist Leader»

Activist Leaders are called to inspire; people, purpose & profit. Exceeding revenue goals alone is no longer enough. Expressing richer emotional intelligence creates richer value. If this is your next leadership frontier - contact me to explore. This individual and team program leverages the best of Choice Theory decision making, accountability tracking, and emotional intelligence.

Isolated Leader»

It's lonely at the top; separation is created, distortion arises, and biases form. Biases affect judgment, they impact decisions, outcomes and may even end careers. This process calculates the actual dollar business cost that biases have on your profitability. It develops radial team intelligence and delivers greater ROE benefits.

Imposter Leader»

Others rely on you for what you know. What they don't know, is that you don't know as much as they think you do. Your fear of being found out lies at the heart of your fatigue. This individual program leverages 8 areas of intelligence to end your anxiety - for good.

Let 1,000 Flowers Bloom»

Move from ideation, to creation, to fulfillment. Do you fit the classic entrepreneurial success profile? Know the skills, acumens, behaviors, and driving forces needed to win.

For Teams

Executive coaching

Support your critical results thinking, your seeing, and your answers. You will access 9 vital areas of intelligence to get the outcomes you want; namely, behavioral, motivational, emotional, organizational, perceptual, verbal, non-verbal, energetic, intuitional.

The process will uncover what's needed by when and across who - to get you your ROI. Program scope, length & session frequency depend entirely upon you.

succession planning

Developing tomorrow's leaders today begins with understanding how to assess what's needed for role-success. A full set-up of assessments are leveraged to identify and define a leadership benchmark, and to then map + gap leader candidates accordingly. Predictive mapping reveals probability for a candidate's role-success.

talent selection

Insuring right talent-to-job fit first time protects against the high cost and headaches of a hiring misfire. Jay's clients rely on his predictive mapping to access probability for role success. Multiple candidates are mapped across each other and to a job benchmark. Insures right skills, acumens, behaviors and motivators are what the position needs for repeatable and reliable success.

team analysis

How individuals respond across each other - either builds a team or tears one apart. Uncovering how members approach problems, people, pacing & procedures supports - greater role clarity, performance quality & flow. Teams from 2 to 100 can be integrated into this team process. The art and spirit of cooperation lies at the heart of winning, with more purpose and fun. Uncover how your people respond to problems, work-pace, change, critical work relationships, and procedures.